The Life Of Frederick Douglass 's Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass

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Due to the inhuman mistreatment of slaves in the United States many slaves like Fredrick Douglass had to escape to fight for freedom to become abolitionists. To expose the terror and cruelties that he faced from his owners and overseers as a slave as narrated in “Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass.” Being a slave was difficult from the beginning. In the case of Fredrick Douglass he was a product of unwanted love. Born into slavery with no record or “accurate knowledge of "age.”(Douglass) He was the son of Harriet Bailey, who was “…the daughter of Isaac and Betsy Bailey, both colored and quite dark”(Douglass) and a slave of Captain Anthony. Also had an unknown father that is a white man gives him the “The opinion whispered that my master was my father” who is referred to as his first owner Captain Anthony. Which displays the “Separation by violence from those they loved, sexual abuse appropriation (270) Nevertheless, “whites were the more intellectual race, and blacks the race more inherently physical and therefore destined for labor.”(251) Also includes being separated from his mother and has only seen her “more than four or five” (Douglass) in his entire life. “Struggled for years to keep their children together after emancipations…forced migration and sale.” (270)
Besides being born into slavery came with some prediction and that Fredrick Douglass had made. Believed a portion of slavery was stated long before. He predicted, “that God cursed Ham and therefore
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