The Life Of Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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For this paper assignment I will be discussing the short story of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The short story was published in 1961. I chose this short story out of all our readings because I found the story very interesting. When I was reading Harrison Bergeron, I read straight through it because the story drew me in and in the other readings I would usually take a few breaks as I was reading. In Harrison Bergeron, Vonnegut uses humor to explore and exposes several problems that can happen if our current lifestyle gets out of hand. The problems that come up in the story are; how the government can try to control us, the problems of wanting total equality, and how technology can stop our growth as human beings. At the time when Vonnegut wrote Harrison Bergeron, it was the 1960s and several political issues were happening. First of America was in the Cold War with Russia. The rise of Communism was the cause of the war. Furthermore the short story Harrison Bergeron, can be interpreted as a critique of the communism lifestyle. First off what is communism lifestyle? It generally is when wealth and power are distributed evenly with all the citizens and social classes are eliminated. The futuristic American society depicted in the short story operates with some communist values. For example in the short story we see that everybody is seen as equal in society and if they are gifted with smarts or beauty they are hindered so they can be like everyone else. Another…
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