The Life Of Hayao Miyazaki

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The Life of Hayao Miyazaki The Story of My Search When we were first assigned this paper, I was stumped. My interests span throughout a broad variety of topics, and because of this, I did not really know where to start. I have long been intrigued by the world of Japanese animation, and recently, I happened upon a hard copy of my favorite film from when I was a child: Howl’s Moving Castle. All of the nostalgic memories I have of watching it when I was a child flooded my mind, reminding me of how much I admire the artwork in the movie. I began to brainstorm ideas related to this. In the end, I boiled it down to a biography of Hayao Miyazaki (the director) and the strong themes in his movies. Combining the two lead me to decide on addressing how his personal life influenced the persuasive themes and symbols he conveys through his beautiful art. My first step to approaching this challenge was to go to the library and research sources that would be useful in completing this paper. After a few hours I had a written list of dependable articles and websites that pertained to his movies. Unfortunately, no credible source discussed his life. By chance, I managed to acquire a book discussing Miyazaki’s art and also providing a history of his career; however, this made my list too plentiful, so I chose the facts most relevant to my specific topic. The Results of My Search Hayao Miyazaki was born in the Bunkyo-ho district of Tokyo on January 5, 1941. His father, Katsuji Miyazaki, was
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