The Life Of Henrietta Lacks

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What exactly is Public Health? Public Health entails generating facts about the health status of a population. The population can be a community, a class or group of people, i.e., Male, Female, White, Hispanic, African-American, wealthy or not, and/or any of the above. Once facts are known empirically, steps to improve the health status of that group can be designed, tested and ultimately rolled out on a larger scale. In the novel The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, there are multiple topics relating to Public Health policies (laws), research and education that are discussed and argued. Eventually, this changed Health Care into what it is to date. Throughout decades, without her knowledge, and with the use of her immortal, reproducing cancer cell line known as HeLa cells, Henrietta Lacks along with various doctors and researchers changed the face of Public Health policy, research and education. The use of her cancer cells and the outcomes of various experiments and studies has been debated for a long time and causes people to question moral, religious and ethical factors. Henrietta Lacks was an African-American woman during the segregation era in the 1950s, whose life was changed by a quarter size “knot” in her cervix. Assuming something was wrong with her body, Henrietta took a trip to visit a local Gynecologist, Dr. George Gey, in hopes of finding out what this “knot” could be. After having her infected and healthy cells taken and tested for what Gey believed was

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