The Life Of Ileyna Gil

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The Life of Ileyna Gil
Genograms are like family trees with more details. Within a Genogram you can clearly see patterns and connections amongst numerous family members. Before I made my genogram, I had to do an interview with my client, Ileyna Gil. In this interview we discussed her family line, cultural background and religious beliefs. Religion was an important piece of her family’s life. After conducting the interview, I structured her genogram utilizing three generations of Ileyna’s family. After reviewing my notes on Ileyna 's genogram, I identified her family member’s strengths, the impact of Ilena 's cultural background on her way of life.
Family Layout
First, we started with my client’s immediate family history. Ileyna was born
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During that marriage, they had a daughter named Yameli Gil. She is 35 years old now.
Ilyena also had two half uncles and a half aunt from her mother’s side of the family. Their names are Richard Soto, Carlos Soto and Ovleidys Pena. They all had different fathers. Ileyna’s grandparents past away, but at different times. Anyeli Gil’s mother name was Atlagracia. Ileyna disclosed that sadly her grandmother passed away from respiratory failure. Ileyna 's grandfather, died of a heart attack at the age of 71. Ileyna explained that she was very young when it happened and does not have many memories of him. Even though two family members past away the family was still united because they had a good support system.
Identify strengths of the client’s family
Within Ms. Ileyna’s family, there were three main sources of strengths within the family structure; compassionate, determination and family. Each family members have these strength, but not in the same level of strength. For example, Ms. Ileyna shared an incident that expressed how her parents had compassion for her during that time. Ms Ileyna was coping with depression and her parents came to her rescue and that showed a lot of compassion that was spread throughout the family. The second strengths are determination. Ms. Ileyna said that she is determined to be the first generation within her family to graduate with her Bachelors in Social work at University of Central
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