The Life Of James Madison

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The Life of James Madison
Madison Williams
Central High School
November 9, 2015
3rd Period Abstract In my paper I will state and explain the least known aspects of James Madison. James Madison contributed to some of the most simple and complex events that have not been recognized. For his job well done, I am willing to make those aspects known. The Life of James Madison James Madison, also known as “The Father on the Constitution”, contributed to quite a few intellectual events in the United States. Madison was an intelligent man with bright ideas that helped this country become the one it is today. With all his appearances to debates, committee meetings, and being elected in conventions, he was able to present us the federal government we have today and some of our basic rights. James Madison’s life and times, before, during, and after presidency is now becoming more well known and interpreted. James Madison was born on March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia, to Colonel James Madison Sr. and Eleanor Rose Conway. Madison and his siblings grew up into the Christian religion since his family was very religious. James had eleven other siblings and was the oldest out of them all. All his siblings were outgoing and playful, but James was the most fragile out of all his siblings due to Epileptoid Hysteria. Epileptiod Hysteria is a sickness that causes seizures, a fear that affects your mind, and it affects how you think about different situations. Due to…
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