The Life Of Jesus. The Life Of Jesus Christ As Told From

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The Life of Jesus The life of Jesus Christ as told from The New Jerusalem Bible is filled with miracles and unexplainable happenings. This paper will be divided into three parts; the first will discuss we will see the various views from John, Mark, Luke and Matthew. Then the nature of the gospel where I will answer questions like were the writers eye witnesses, and how they used these written sources. We will also see what a Q source is, the similarities between Matthew and Luke and how the Old Testament stories were used to interpret Jesus. The second portion of this paper entails Jesus’s birth, the miracles he created and his resurrection. We will learn about the things Jesus did like cures and spirits and see how these were…show more content…
An example of The Synoptic’s similarity comes from the story of Jesus’ birth; “And when Jesus had been baptized he at once came up from the water and the heaven’s opened” (NBJ, 1151). Correspondingly, the Synoptic’s share the notion that Jesus had no preexistence to his life.
This idea differs from John’s gospel, because he believed that Jesus had a pre-existence as a human being (Trumbach). “Through him all things came into being, not one thing came into being except through him” (NBJ, 1243). Another contradicting example can be see when in the synoptic gospels, they believe that Jesus made a single trip from Galilee to Jerusalem, whereas in John’s Gospel, it is believed that he had done five. There are more cures in the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke than those in John’s.
On the account of similarities between the Gospels of Matthew and Luke we can see how they project the same thoughts but in different ways. Luke states that the Lord’s Prayer was done “on a level piece of ground where there was a large gathering of his disciples” (NJB, 1214). Contractively, in Matthew’s gospel he says Jesus was “seeing the crowds he went onto the mountain (NJB 1152). This example portrays how Matthew and Mark have similar stories but are slightly altered by the writer. Luke and Matthew both try to prove Jesu’s birth line. Matthew believed that Jesus is a descendent from Abraham; “Roll of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of
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