The Life Of Luduig Van Beethoven

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The Life of Luduig Van Beethoven The name of Luduig Van Beethoven has been heard by most people in the world. Being a respectable and admired piano virtuoso, the music and life of Beethoven remain in books, websites, and most classical concerts globally. Therfore, it is important to explore what made this famous composser and pianist virtuoso so prestigious and praised. Since the time of his youth Beethoven was demanded academic excellence by his family, who were court musicians at the electorate Cologne of the Roman Empire during the 1760s. In this research about Beethoven’s life, the social preferences, lineage of Beethoven, how his life experiences affected his creativity, and what made his music immortal will be explored. As a boy Luiduig Van Beethoven had a genetic predisposition to reach a short stature, and had a large head and thick, bristly coal-black hair framing a pockmarked and ruddycomplexioned face. His foreheard was broad and heavily underlined by brushy eyebrows. Also, his mouth was small and delicately shaped. In the company of strangers he was reserved, stiff, and seemingly haughty. Therefore, people regarded him as arrogant because he was reserved. Nevertheless, among his own friends he was lively and talkative. Growing up, he appreciated authenticity, hence, he was disturbed by exaggerated or false attentiveness. In addition, his daily life was organized, in order to maximize his creative productivity, which was generally richer during the…
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