The Life Of Mr. Mishler 's Room During Twelfth Hour

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Sitting in Mr.Mishler’s room during 5th hour having spare time to watch videos off of Youtube. Through the search engine I typed in “Wildest Musicians” and through my results came up a name of a man called Kurt Cobain. I wouldn’t necessarily call him wild… more like unique… For this man at the end of most of his songs I’ve experience just watching him, as he riffs on his solo, waving his blonde yellow hair, becoming in depth with the guitar as if it was bonding with him with every note that he played. Finally with a wave of his arms and down he brought his arms like a hammer coming down. Cobain would destroy a perfectly working condition electric guitar. With every swing it was as if blood lust ran through his eye’s as a wild man hallucinating in the wilderness. Reason explaining why such action take place, are answers unknown. Reason for such actions to be done with destructive instruments or insane role play on stage is unknown. Although in general; rock Stars are people too, and nobody really truly ENJOYS destroying things just for the sake of destruction. Usually when rock stars destroy their instruments, they are making a statement about the music industry that keeps them in such tight contracts. They are told where to go, who to talk to, what to wear, what to sing and how to sing it......the only way they can rebel against their horrible stifling treatment is by making a statement with what is theirs. Think about it. Nirvana didn 't do ANYTHING "for fun" was all

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