The Life Of My Escape From Binghamton

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The weeks leading up to my escape from Binghamton, I was in constant fear. Every night I looked at an old Short Line bus ticket to Middletown that had expired long ago. As I listened to my mother and step-father Greg fight, I hoped that he would go have a beer and leave me and my siblings alone. Greg had a habit of taking is frustrations out on us. He would have us do different exercises. His favorite was to have my eight year old brother Mikey, five year old sister Ebbie, and I all stand with our packs against the wall, knees bent and arms out. My littlest sister Pamela at the age of one would try and mimic us standing against the wall. Her tiny legs would give and she would sink to the ground. Sometimes Greg would make us hold heavy…show more content…
I was standing on a wobbly dirty white chair stirring macaroni on the hot stove, as I listened to my mother get ready to take her husband out to dinner. The all too familiar odor of charring hot dogs nauseated me less than the fact that I knew I would have to serve the same meal to my brother and sister once again. Sweat gathered on my forehead. It was hot cooking in a sweater, but my mother had a rule, “Never ever show your bruises!” I was careful not to make too much noise. I did not want to add to my already growing collection of growing purple marks. Sometimes I pretended I was a mouse, creeping and crawling along the walls, staying quiet and out of sight. Quietly I gathered my siblings around the table. I put on my happy face and served them the bowls of mac-n-cheese with cut up hot dog I placed in the shape of smiley faces in hope that this would distract them. I could not let them see any disappointment or that I was thinking “Hotdogs with no bun and mac-n-cheese with no milk once again for dinner kids.” When my mother emerged from her room all dolled up. She swept past me to her youngest child, the one that was fathered by her new husband and said goodbye. The baby squealed with delight at the attention. The rest of us just sat and smiled. My face was tight with a forced smile I felt as if my cheeks were made of glass one poke and it would all break. She left
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