The Life Of My Life

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The sun glistened in my eye as I was staring out the window, hoping this day would be over. I was at a new school in a new state hours from where I used to live, and anxiety was really getting to me. The butterflies in my stomach would never go away just like your parents nagging you to clean your room.

I tried to get rid of my anxiety by thinking about something happy in my life but nothing worked. It doesn’t help when you are in a school that is multiple times bigger than you last school and if you really think about it, it’s actually just like a big maze. Especially the crowded hallways because it was like it was going to swallow you. It was even harder to get from class to class without worrying I was going to be late. Also this school has lockers and I was never used to a lock because my old school was old-fashioned so we had a hook to hang our belongings and that was about it.

Me and my sister never wanted to move to a new state hours away. To be completely honest, I never thought I would be moving to a different place so early in my lifetime.
Moving is one of the worst things that can happen in your lifetime since you have to leave behind many friends and memories. Unless you absolutely hated where you live. If I was to blame someone for what is happening to me right now it would definitely be my parents.

I’m mentioning my parents because if it wasn’t for them I would definitely not be here right now. I know they wanted to move because they wanted to give us a
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