The Life Of Nicole 's Spiritual Journey

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Nicole is a 21 year old female, who grew up in the church all of her life. Her parents held very traditional views, which was reflected in her upbringing. She was dedicated as a baby, she attended church every Sunday, was baptized at the early age of seven years old, and accepted Christ as the head of her life and the foundation of her existence. She was active in the church very early on, participating in Sunday school, the usher board, and singing in the youth choir. Even so, Nicole’s spiritual journey has not been smooth sailing as she has encountered many detours along the way. Oftentimes turning to secular behaviors and activities, seeking self-gratification, not attending church for years at a time, and ultimately becoming a single unwed mother. Through it all, the highs and the lows, Nicole is still a devout Christian; on a journey to rededicate her life to Christ, removing unhealthy people and situations from her life, focusing on God, and fully going after the life that God intended for her. Over the course of religious and faith development, there will be times that each individual steps outside of the will of God, as no one is perfect. Through these obstacles and rebellious acts, God corrects and reforms one’s behaviors as the individual draws nearer to him. In this way, faith development is similar to the social learning theory. The social learning theory deals with observational learning and how individuals learn through imitating and modeling other’s

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