The Life Of Pi As A Spiritual And Uplifting Movie

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The Life of Pi was a very spiritual and uplifting movie. The producers did a fantastic job finding the correct cast and supporting actors. Suraj Sharma, the actor that plays Pi, did a terrific job both drawing emotions out of the audience, and keeping the wild plot believable. Mr. Sharma was very convincing as a young man trying to find god. The special effects and computer generated images were breathtaking. The island scene was specifically done well. They really make the movie visually interesting and are the glue that holds the movie together, for the simple fact, eighty percent of this flick takes place on a life boat with a raft attached. The soundtrack was well constructed, with a slow build up with dramatic crescendos. The score of this movie really places the viewer inside the movie .Unfortunately, without the effects, soundtrack, and dramatic imagery, The Life of Pi would be a very dry movie. One problem I had with The Life of Pi is the overuse of symbolism and metaphors. It seemed as if everything director Ang Lee put into his film had to have three different meanings, and at times, it muddied up the plot and was confusing. For example, the night scene in which the fish were glowing underwater. Then a whale jumps out of the ocean nearly capsizing the life boat. I assume that scene had a deeper meaning but, for the life of me I can’t figure out its purpose. The movie was clearly about religion, survival, and introspection on the human condition. Pi is a very

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