The Life Of President James Monroe

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President James Monroe Research Paper In this essay I will be discussing the life of President James Monroe. We will talk about his life at home, where he grew up, what he did in the Revolutionary War, and his time as president of the United States of America. First we will talk about James parents. James parents were pretty good parents and kind people. His parents names were Spence and Elizabeth Monroe ( James was their first child. Spence family emigrated from Scotland in the mid 1600s to America were he became a prosperous planter and carpenter ( James mom, Elizabeth Monroe, tutored him at home to start off his education. For work James really just worked at home with his father in his early years. Working with his dad, James learned how to plant and be a carpenter and all the typical duties of working on a farm. James was not very good at working a farm. He was more of an educated man. When he had learned all his mother could really teach him and he finished his school at home he went to collage. James went to collage at the Collage of William and Mary and was a good student ( James was a bright young man and had a bright future ahead of him. James was the oldest of several children and he liked too race as a boy. He went to school with John Marshal and the two of them were close friends. John went on to become the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (James Monroe/by: Mike Venezia/published in 2004 by

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