The Life Of The Buddha

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Siddartha became Buddha when he was awoken by recognizing that all of the creation from distraught ants to dying human beans is unified by suffering ( class notes ) . Buddha got his name from being awakened, wise, and he also learned. These words are an important role in his life because he was wise with what he had made in his life. He knew if he let go of desire he wouldn 't suffer anymore, and from there he learned all the important steps that needed to be take such as following: four noble truths, eightfold path, and have the energy for yoga by putting your full attention into it. For him, following the four noble truths, eightfold path, yoga, and letting go of desire, he became the awakened one. In order to for him to progress in life he had to live alone, so he had to leave his family behind so that he could accomplish more, and be completely focused (Hayes, 2006). Buddhism developed and spread because of enlightenment as many people followed the Buddha and desired to find his inner peace . Buddha 's main focus for him to reach enlightenment by following The Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths were taught by the Buddha to his followers so they could do the same as him. In in the passage, it said, "The Buddha then taught the five ascetics the Four Noble Truths. They are: the truth of suffering; its cause; its end; and the way to its end. Everything in this world is full of suffering, and the cause of suffering is craving.The end of suffering is nirvana. The way
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