The Life Of The Roman Empire

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The Life of The Roman Empire The importance of the Roman Empire and the role that played in history it’s undeniable. There are a lot of things people may know about the Roman Empire for Example, everyone knows or at least have a good idea about their conquests, Emperors and their gladiators who were in charge of entertaining the public in the coliseums of ancient Rome. However, The Roman Empire was more than their gladiators and their spectacles of blood. The purpose of this paper is to delve into all the aspects of this empire that for more than a millennium ruled the Western world. This incredible Ancient Civilization occupied North Africa, Asia Minor and almost most Europe. The Roman Empire was characterized by its law, army and architecture, but also by its agriculture, food, animals, roads, bridges and emperors. All this was achieved thanks in part to “Augustus, Caesar” which was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire and brought peace and order to the roman world after a period of civil war. But, what’s the history of the capital of the Roman Empire? Before Rome was a powerful empire and a republic, kings ruled Rome. According to the legend the twin sons of the god Mars and Rhea Silvia founded Rome in 753 B.C. After Rhea Silvia had given birth, her sons were set afloat in the Tiber River, by order of his uncle Amulius, who was the king of Alba Longa after he fought and sent to exile his brother Numitor. Amulius was afraid of his niece to have child and become king.…

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