The Life Of The Roman Empire

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The Life of The Roman Empire The importance of the Roman Empire and the role that played in history it’s undeniable. There are a lot of things people may know about the Roman Empire for Example, everyone knows or at least have a good idea about their conquests, Emperors and their gladiators who were in charge of entertaining the public in the coliseums of ancient Rome. However, The Roman Empire was more than their gladiators and their spectacles of blood. The purpose of this paper is to delve into all the aspects of this empire that for more than a millennium ruled the Western world. This incredible Ancient Civilization occupied North Africa, Asia Minor and almost most Europe. The Roman Empire was characterized by its law, army and…show more content…
Although, time later a shepherd called Faustulus found the babies and took them home and called them Romulus and Remus. Later as adults, Romulus and Remus gathered an army and attacked and defeated his uncle “Amulius.” Later on, Romulus and Remus have a dispute in which Romulus ends up killing Remus, and founded the city “Rome” which was called in honor of his dead brother.
The Roman Republic The roman republic is the second period of Roman history after the monarchy. The Republic played a very important role in the history of Rome because it put an end to the monarchical system of leaders, and also laid the foundations of the largest and most feared empire ever seen. During the Roman republic, the romans invented a new political system of government. They invented a system in which two persons ruled the Roman Republic. These people were called “consuls” and they had a limited mandate to one year only, because the Romans were afraid of one person had the absolute control of Rome. The consuls were responsible for exercising functions of government, military and justice. The consuls were proposed by the senate and elected by the people of Rome in a popular assembly. The senate of Rome (Senatus) was the same institution as the monarchy in the first period. The senate was an assembly that was formed by a group of aristocrats (patricians). They were direct
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