The Life Of The Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History

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At the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History there is an exhibit called “Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt”. This exhibit focuses on Egypt’s past with important and interesting artifacts related to burial techniques and religious beliefs. The most simple answer to why it is important to understand the way people lived in the past is that we can’t truly know ourselves until we understand where we came from. This essay will analyze the exhibit to show what it’s telling us and why it is so important. To start, a main focus in the exhibit is the Egyptians’ old burial rituals. It is widely known that the Egyptians used to mummify the dead. The exhibit not only displays these mummies, but it also displays what they were buried with. The objects buried in the tomb with the body are known to be for the afterlife of the person who is buried. These objects in the exhibit, along with the mummy and it’s sarcophagus, included vessels for food and water, canopic jars for the organs of the mummy, along with jewelry and figurines of the gods and goddesses of Egypt. Also, the plaques on the inside of the exhibit’s walls read descriptions of ancient Egyptian beliefs and why some of the goods were buried with the mummy. This can help visitors understand the way of life in ancient Egypt by putting out these finds for everyone to learn from. The information on burial rituals and objects shown on display depict Egypt’s ancient religious beliefs and how the afterlife worked.

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