The Life Of Victor Zalsavsky

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Victor Zalsavsky was born on September 26, 1937 in what was Leningrad, Russia at the time, now being St. Petersburg. His occupation was a Professor of Political Sociology Theorist and taught political sociology at various institutions throughout his long academic career. Some of those institutions included LUISS (Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli), Leningrad State University, Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John 's, Canada, University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford. He became a naturalized citizen of Canada, and had a passion for analyzing the Soviet Union before and after its downfall. He wrote 3 books, with Class Cleansing being the most prominent, receiving the Hannah Arendt Prize for Political Thought from the Heinrich Boell Foundation. He was also on the board of the political journal TELOS for several decades. Some of his other works include From Union to Commonwealth: Nationalism and Separatism in the Soviet Republics Co-Author (Cambridge University Press, 1992) and The Neo-Stalinist State: Class, Ethnicity, and Consensus in Soviet Society" (ME Sharpe Inc, 1994). His noteworthy journal articles are as follows: "The Rebirth of the Stalin Cult in the USSR" (TELOS, Summer 1979), "The Regime and the Working Class in the USSR" (TELOS, Winter 1979-80), "The Price of Sovietization" (TELOS, Spring 1987), "Three Years of Perestroika" (TELOS, Winter 1987-88), and "Why Afghanistan?" (TELOS, Spring 1980). He died in Rome on

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