The Life Span Development Perspective

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In this chapter they discuss the life span development perspective. They talk about the different methods of changes in human during their life span. The connection of the biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional process. Human development change trough family influences as well as society, brain development (cognitive), friends, media, and so on. The developmental theories contribute in the view of the human development in some similar ways and different perspectives. I personally like more Erickson theory with Piaget’s cognitive development and Banduras social cognitive theory, (Santrock, 2015). Chapter two Natural selection and adaptive behavior The book describe the natural process are those species that can adapt best and reproduce. As any living species to survive most adapt to their surroundings; this will include the places where they are, the temperature of the area, the food that is able to hunt, and get alone most of the time with the others species that surround their habitat. Human bodies are composed by DNA and genes that help the reproduce. Those DNA mark the physicals traits of the individual while the gene help the individual to reproduce information that help them maintain life. Those mark the difference between female and male, color of skin, eyes, hair, and even can carry sickness. Behaviors are learned in the growing up process that is adapted trough family members, friends, culture, and society (Santrock, 2015). Chapter three This chapter talks
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