The Life You Save May Be Your Own Essay

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Disabilities within the characters of “The Life You Save May be Your Own” by Flanner O’Connor
The characters in the story “The Life You Save May be Your Own” show people with different kinds of disabilities, whether it be a physical disability or a mental disability. Each character shows disabilities that make them isolated from the society and cause them to lose something important in the future. Lucynell has a clear physical disability given from the beginning of the story, but her disability actually emphasizes her innocence compared to other characters in the story. Tom Shiftlet also has a physical disability but shows more of his mental disability where he shows sides of a hypocrite and along with great obsession. Mrs. Crater, similarly to Tom, shows great obsession and greed but in the ends fails to gain what she really wants to and loses what is important to her.
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Crater and her daughter, lives. Lucynell, a girl who cannot talk and cannot hear properly, is taken care of by Mrs. Crater. Mrs. Crater persuades Tom Shiftlet to work for their farm and to repair their car and tells him that she is able to feed Tom but is unable to pay him with money. As some time passes, Tom fixes the car and does some significant amount of work. Mrs. Crater offers Tom to marry Lucynell and Tom agrees in the condition that he gets some money. Lucynell and Tom Shiftlet go on a honeymoon, and during their travel they visit a small restaurant where Tom abandons Lucynell. As he travels, feeling lonely, he picks up a hitchhiker. He talks to the boy about being good, but the boy curses and gets out of the car. After the boy gets out the car Tom starts to pray to god as he seems to drive to run away from someone or

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