The Life and History of Socrates

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Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers of all time who questioned many individuals about their beliefs on ideas and thoughts that they take for granted by feeling that they know knowledge on a particular subject but utterly find out that they obtain no knowledge or wisdom on that subject that they felt so strongly about, which in turn, ended up being embarrassing to that individual. However Socrates feels that if he did not live and examined his life would have been pointless because he would not have learned of all the knowledge he did. Socrates was not like every other citizen in his time who did not examine life and world around him; he would explore his mind and find knowledge of the ideas, thoughts, and values in his time…show more content…
Socrates liked questioning many individuals because it not only made the other person wiser of their ignorance on a topic, but Socrates was also able to learn more about people and their personal thoughts. Both Socrates and the particular person he was speaking to were both able to gain more knowledge after the conversation was done because both learned about the new thoughts and ideas that were brought up in the conversation. Socrates gained knowledge, and so did the other person, even though Socrates would point out their ignorance and leave them embarrassed. Overall, Socrates questioned everyone and every possible idea or thought to expand his knowledge and understand the actual reality around him. If I were to live a more examined life, I feel that I would have to change many aspects towards my personal thinking about ideas, thoughts, values, and my overall interpretation of the world we live in. I have to drop the aspect of that I feel that I have good knowledge about certain thoughts because I am a pretty stubborn person when it comes to arguing about a topic. My views can only change if I feel that it is necessary, but most of the time I feel
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