The Life and Poetry of Bret Harte

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Authors, a lot of them surround us today, they are the person who enhances our imagination, or gives existence to anything that is plain and different. In American history, there were a number of poets and authors who rose to popularity. They changed people’s outlook on everything, and added a great amount of different things in American literature. Throughout this time, there were a couple of great poets and authors who helped create the local color school in American fiction. One poet who helped in this movement was Bret Harte.
Bret Harte, an American author and poet, was born on August 25, 1836 in Albany, New York. His father, Henry Harte, and mother, Elizabeth Ostrander, both worked as teachers. His full name was Francis Brett Hart,
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With no recourse, he went to San Francisco where he found a job as a typesetter. It was also here where he shared short stories and poems for the journal, the Golden Era. While working here, he started signing his works as Bret or The Bohemian. His life at this stage was somewhat a repeat of what his childhood was, living measly, since he was only receiving a small amount of income. Harte was very much against racism, and these feelings gave him reason to write poems entitled as “Plain Language from Truthful James”. Even though he considered this to be “the worst poems I ever wrote”, it got a different response from the people around the world: they loved it! The poems had a negative outcome because it started a racial turmoil in California against the Chinese. However, in time, he learned how to please the readers by giving them what they wanted to read and not what they needed to read. Before, racism was a huge issue, nobody liked other races because then do not have the same color of skin. People always wanted to have a higher authority over the others, the whites were considered the powerful authority at that time. In 1860, he started writing stories with the theme of Escape and Illusions. He was considered a very talented humorist because he can turn a completely boring thing in to something everyone would enjoy. With his talent in writing, he won national acclaim and from then on,
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