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This report is about the patron Saint Barbra, who is the patron saint for United States artillerymen. You will read about her life, why she represents artilleryman, other things she represents, and many interesting facts about her. In my opinion she has a very interesting story to why she represents us. Though when she was born is debatable, it is believed to be in the late third century maybe early fourth century. There are several facts about her that are fairly constant in all the articles I read. She was a young beautiful woman. Who had a father who feared that his daughter would one day leave him and never return. He was a Pagan named Dioscorus. In an attempt to stop that he locked her in a tower and kept her under tight lock and…show more content…
Now you may be thinking to yourself how this has absolutely anything to do with artilleryman. It’s simple; imagine you are in the American Revolution. Your only job is to load the cannon and light the fuse. Back at that time it was a very dangerous job because the cannon was just as likely to explode as to shot the intended projectile. Which some may consider being a sudden death? This in turn is how she is related to field artilleryman. The United States military isn’t the only group that claims her for patronage. Along with artilleryman around the world she is also tradioninally the patron saint of any profession that deals with explosives. Some examples may be miners, military engineers, gunsmiths and armoires. Many Catholics who have a risk of sudden death or even a violent death pray to her to keep them safe.

She is seen as an embodiment of safety all around the world. Mostly celebrated on Saint Barbra’s day, which is December 4th, by Military around the world she is also celebrated through Universities and cultures. In several South American and Caribbean religions she is associated with deities of fire. All throughout north and South America she has churches named in her honor. It seems no matter where u go in the world she is celebrated. I could go on all day about the parades in Australia, the superstations in Macedonia, or even the food eaten by the Greece on
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