The Life and Times of Nero Essay

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The Life and Times of Nero

Carlo Maria Franzero was born December 21, 1892 in Turin, Italy. He was educated at the University of Turin. Upon the commencement of the Second World War, Franzero fled Fascist ruled Italy for England. He worked in England as a journalist for the London Daily Telegraph during World War II and later he served as a correspondent for Il Tempo, a Roman newspaper. His expertise is Ancient Roman and Italian History. Other notable works by Franzero are The Life and Times of Cleopatra and The Life and Times of Tarquin the Etruscan.
Franzero's biography of Nero is very complex and controversial. Nero is renown as one of the most vicious, merciless, and least efficient emperors of the Roman Empire.
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Seneca was a Spaniard born in the year 6 BC at Cordova. Seneca was trained extensively in rhetoric and philosophy. Agrippina had ulterior motives for choosing Seneca as Nero's tutor. Seneca was stodgily conservative and republican. He was a paragon of all the ancient Roman virtues. Agrippina knew the Senate would smile upon this and it would later benefit Nero.
Franzero attributes much of Nero's early success obtaining the throne to his mother. Agrippina was a very beautiful, ruthless, and deceitfully clever woman. She had the unique ability of positioning herself well, regardless of the situation. Three of Agrippina's two husbands died as a result of being poisoned. During her pregnancy with Nero, Agrippina visited a Persian Magician that foretold her horoscope. "You will give birth to a son, who shall be Emperor, but will assassinate his mother." Agrippina replied: "Let him murder his mother but be Emperor!" —Necet me dum reget! She was dedicated to seeing her son become one of Rome's most prominent politicians. She wouldn't allow anyone to stand in the way of his progress. Her desire to thrust her son into the leading role of emperor was the one overriding factor that would encompass the lion share of her life. This ambition would succeed and, ironically enough, would inevitably lead to her undoing.
The Emperor Claudius was Agrippina's uncle and would inevitably become her third husband. She knew the only way to ensure the
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