The Life and Work of Anthony Burgess

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The Life and Work of Anthony Burgess "Autobiography: Story of one's life, written by oneself."(Halsey 64). Everyone knows what an autobiography is, but not so many people realize that although not all authors write a book that can be called a factual autobiography, many authors frequently allow personal, real life experiences to influence their fictional writings. An excellent example of such an author is Anthony Burgess. Anthony Burgess is recognized today as an English novelist, critic, essayist, and composer (editor CLC 80). Burgess is such a literary genius, it was once said of him that "... his agent, publisher, and his entry in "Who's Who" could not provide the exact number of books he wrote." (Baldwin A8). Some of Burgess's…show more content…
And so, in this manor, Burgess used the setting in which he lived to create the characters of many of his fiction novels. One of the themes in A Clockwork Orange even seems to have a strong connection to Burgess's early life. The "conservative and pessimistic view of human nature" portrayed in A Clockwork Orange can be attributed to his mother's death (Bergonzi 85). In 1919, Burgess's father came home on furlough to find that the Spanish Influenza had killed both Burgess's mother and older sister. Although Burgess was only two, "This event and its consequences may have played some part in fashioning Burgess into what he considers a "creature of gloom" is reasonable speculation" (Stinson 1). This pessimism is evident in the final chapter of A Clockwork Orange, where the narrator exercises his right to moral choice by choosing a life of crime even after extensive attempts at reforming him. A much more direct parallel can be drawn to the beating of Mrs. F. Alexander in A Clockwork Orange. In April, 1944, Burgess's pregnant wife Lynne was beaten and robbed in London, and miscarried. The doctor ordered her never to have children, and this caused Lynne to sink into a pit of alcoholism. She died of cirrhosis of the
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