The Life and Work of David Sedaris

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David Sedaris has been compared to some of the greatest names in American Literature, including Mark Twain, Dorothy Parker and James Thurber (Moredock). Not surprisingly, all of the aforementioned authors captivated audiences with their sarcasm, wit, and humor three characteristics that are indicative of Sedaris's writing in general. Sedaris has made a career as an author and recording artist (having broadcast and recorded his works of literature numerous times) who finds insight and points of laughter in the ordinary nuances of life. Most of his articles are autobiographical in nature, or at least involve him as one of the principle characters in them. His 2004 book, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, is quite typical in this respect. An analysis of a pair of articles in this manuscript, "Us and Them" and "The Girl Next Door", illustrates the author's propensity for detailing some of the more humorous aspects of non-traditional American families. Sedaris was born in 1956, and spent part of his formative years living in upstate New York. His family would soon move down south to North Carolina in the early 1960's, exposing the fledgling author to some semblance of city life. By his own accounts, his tenure in New York was spent in an exceedingly rural location, which contrasted sharply with his surroundings in North Carolina. The unconventional wit and humor (Burroughs) that the author displays in his writings more than likely descended, in part, from his unusual
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