The Life and Work of Ernest Rughterford

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‘’All science is either physics or stamp collecting .’’ Ernest Rutherford was born on August 30th in 1871 with an umbilical hernia(that later killed him). He was the fourth child of twelve and the second son of seven boys and five girls. He started school when he was ten because his family was so poor. Later he got into good schools and became a great teacher. He won multiple awards for his chemistry experiments because he was the first person to artificially break an element. I chose Ernest Rutherford because he found out lots of things about science and he is a very interesting man. He found out that atoms are not independent; they are controlled by something else, a nucleus. Also he split an atom in 1917 discovering that atoms are made up of more than one part. The element Rutherfordium was named in his honor. Since money was tight, Rutherford found good ways of overcoming his family’s money challenges,“ By making family friendly inventions. At the age of ten, Rutherford was handed his first science book at Fox Hill School. It was a great experience for Rutherford, that the book inspired his very first scientific experiment. The young Rutherford built a miniature cannon, which, to his family’s surprise, unexpectedly exploded. After the result, Rutherford’s interest in academics remained weak.
When Ernest was growing up in New Zealand his family was very poor. His father, James, was struggling to support the big family on a flax-miller salary. He was also a
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