The Life and Work of a Computer Programmer Essay

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The purpose of a computer programmer is to design and develop applications to perform the needs of a consumer. This occupation is essential to modern day life due to all of the computers that are in use today. Computer programming is a fulfilling career goal because of the ability to be on the cutting edge of technology, design software for computers, and have a wide range of benefits. Computer programming consists of many duties. Duties of a computer programmer include but are not limited to: debugging programs, converting project specifications and procedures to a logical visual map, repairing existing programs, writing documentation about current programs, and many more (Farr 187). Computer programmers also write code that commands …show more content…
This occupation is very time consuming and requires long hours of sitting and looking at a computer screen. Not just anybody can become a computer programmer; a certain amount of education is required. Most employers want applicants to have a bachelor’s degree or better (Computer). A college student basically has to take every mathematics class a college offers in order to be qualified to be a computer programmer (DiLorenzo). Certificates are available nationally for most major computer programming languages. High school students should look into taking the following courses if they are interested in this occupation: computer science, mathematics, and physics (StateUniversity). Future employees of the computer programming occupation are expected to have some experience in programming. Many teenagers get experience from certain clubs and activities in school. A great way to get experience is to get involved with a robotics team and learn how to write code with that organization. Another great way to gain experience in the field of programming is to start a website with peers and learn to code with them. Overall experience in coding is an important skill to acquire for a future coder (DiLorenzo). Computer programmers usually have an excellent work environment. The work environment often consists of a nice, comfortable chair in an air conditioned office. A computer is mainly
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