The Life of Bruce Springsteen

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Some people are born to become legends, Bruce Springsteen is one of them. From the second he was born and through his younger years everyone knew he was destined for something bigger than a regular nine to five life, they just didn’t realize the magnitude of what was to come. Born into a all around food middle-class family, no on in that house hold even Bruce, didn’t realize that within fifty years he would reach living legend status. Also have a title of one of the best musicians to every live. After working hard at what he loves, Bruce has become known as a musical hero and inspiration to his fans and fellow musicians. With his deep lyrics, amazing stage presence, incredible guitar skills, and his passion, he is an untouchable force in…show more content…
He won an Oscar for this song. An amazing accomplishment for anybody, let alone a musician. Bruce had now reached legend status, and filled his time with huge, sold-out shows, recording songs, or being a husband and dad. He was changing the world, not just emotionally but socially as well, one song at a time. A couple years ago a documentary titled “Springsteen and I,” was released. Although several documentaries had already been made about Bruce Springsteen, this one was different and perhaps more special. It is a documentary completely about Bruce’s fans and the impact he, and his music has had on them. It shows fans crying at his concerts, dancing in their kitchen to his songs, even one man proposing to his wife after singing a Bruce Springsteen song to her. It includes heartfelt, and tearful messages to Bruce. It is a documentary that just shows how much of an impact this man and his music has had on some people. He inspires his fans so much, and gives 110% of himself during shows. He leaves everything on the stage, and in his music. Bruce Springsteen has truly changed music, and his fans forever. His music not only reaches to their souls but also touches on social issues around the world. He makes his fans aware of current issues. He is a living legend who has used his position on pop culture to
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