The Life of David Brainerd

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David Brainerd was born in on April 20, 1718 to Hezekiah Brainerd, Esq, and Dorothy Hobart. He had four brothers and four sisters. Most of his brothers ended up in the ministry, although those that did not were respectable upright people. David's father died when he was nine and his mother died five years later when David was fourteen, so at a very young David was fatherless and motherless.1 David was always a type of person inclined to be melancholy. He was always a religious person. He made sure that he did everything right, because he was afraid of death. He performed all the duties of religion without a true conversion.2 Then, in 1738, David went to live with a man named Rev. Mr. Fiske. It was here that David kept a regular…show more content…
He would continually say in his diary that he felt the Lord. Then the next day he said that he did not feel the presence of the Lord. Overall he would say that he longed to grow closer and closer to the Lord. By November of 1742, Brainerd had become commissioned to be a missionary to the Indians.11 During that time of being a missionary, David, who had an estate left to him by his father, sold his estate and used that money to fund a young man's college bill. That young man continued to have his school bill paid for until his benefactor died. He was able to go through college until his junior year of college.12 Soon David was told by his missionary directors that they would like him to go the the Indians that lived near the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers. On December 15, 1742 he said good-bye to his friends lest they never meet on this earth again, which was a possibility due to the danger and weather of where he was going. On February 2, 1743, David Brainerd preached his farewell sermon in the home of an elderly man, who had not been able to get out his house for some time, then David parted with his friends to go be a missionary to Indians.13 Before David actually headed to his Indians, David talked about his spiritual life in his diary. He talked about enjoying spiritual peace and comfort, and sorrow of sin. He also was in agony over sin. Then on April 1, he arrived at his Indians, not the ones near the Delaware and
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