The Life of Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. Essay

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Filling the Space Left by Space: Buzz Aldrin’s Journey Through Depression and Alcoholism Introduction to Depression and Alcoholism Most everyone will experience a number of high and lows in life; a wide range of emotions is part of the human experience. There are many who may experience depression and a prolonged existence of the negative emotional state is identified as major depressive disorder, one of the most prevalent mental disorders in the United States (Alloy, Riskind & Manos, 2005, p. 248). Major depressive disorder by itself presents a difficult struggle, for the person with the disorder and those supporting them, but the battle can be amplified when it presented with substance abuse and particularly alcoholism. Dr. Mark Jacob…show more content…
However when Aldrin (2009) returned from the event that shook the world, he would find that his own world and understanding of himself was quite shaken and he would eventually have to face the question as he quotes in his latest autobiography Magnificent Desolation, “After the Moon, what next?” (p.59). Life After the Moon In Magnificent Desolation there are hints of anhdonia, a decrease or loss of pleasure and interest in usual activites (Alloy, Riskind & Manos, 2005, p. 247), apparent as Aldrin expresses the feelings of uncertainty that appeared even within the first few weeks of returning from the moon. He describes his feelings of doubt and pending despair as he pondered what the future might hold for him after he had been to the “top of his world” at age thirty-nine (Aldrin & Abraham, 2009, p. 60). As he was thrust into a public relations role being sent from country to country and city to city, Aldrin found himself feeling further and further away from the life and self he once knew. His discontentment and lack of direction left him wondering, “How could I have gone almost overnight from being on top of the world to feeling useless, worthless, and washed up? I wanted to resume my duties, but there were no duties to resume” (Aldrin &Abraham, 2009, p.80). As his

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