The Life of Frank Lloyd Wright Essay

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The Life of Frank Lloyd Wright

Before Frank Lloyd Wright was born his mother knew he was going to be a world renowned architect. In his nursery, she hung prints of well known cathedrals of Europe on the walls. Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8 ,1869. He was always very close to his mother, and when his father left Frank went off to work to help his mother raise the other children. Frank’s father also had a large impact on his son’s life. Able to play a dozen instruments, he taught Frank to play the piano, the violin and the cello. He also taught Frank the importance of the acoustics, the way the sound vibrates off obstructions, such as walls in a building. In the summer, Frank would go to Wisconsin to work on his uncles’
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His aunt’s, from the valley, wanted him to design a windmill for them that would stand out, Frank succeeded. You could see the windmill for miles around.

At a dinner party Frank was offered four years of study at the Beaux Arts in Paris, two years in Rome and a job when he returned. His family would also be taken care of. Frank refused this offer, because he didn’t want to build classical buildings, he wanted to build using a new innovative style. Not long after Wright was building houses for himself, his partner, Cecil decided to go east and pursue a different vocation. Wright missed him and finally moved into a loft that another friend rented.

Wright’s stubbornness often scared away clients that wanted classical Greek style houses, but Frank usually won clients over with his sincerity. Frank got a contract to build a factory building in Buffalo, New York. Frank wanted to build around the function of the building. He even added a set of open air stair cases that would allow air intake for the ventilation systems as well as a way of communicating. Frank went to Buffalo for the interview and persuaded the owner to give extra money for the stair cases. He got the job and hired a builder that he had worked with at Adler and Sullivans. Frank also made the building fireproof by making the furniture steel and magnesite.

Next Wright built a temple that was unique because it had no

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