The Life of Galileo Context Essay.

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Restrictions on freedom will inevitably lead to conflict| Rosie Liberow
As a young child, I always wanted to be bigger, older and wiser. I dreamed of being in high school, or being a perfect well dressed secretary working in an office. Yet they say time flies when you’re having fun, but it seems now that I yearn for those times again, those boundaries and limitations. Freedom is daunting; the world is big and dangerous and I often find myself wishing I was young again. For me, the liberty I do have only brings more questions and confusion into my life. The world doesn’t seem too exciting. As I am now so used to the idea of being ‘free’, in the sense of being able to choose what road I choose, when given boundaries sometimes i react by
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The idea that the wall has been blown down by the birth of his son, conveys his idea that his life has been disrupted. Yet the man comes to look beyond the wall that once stood, and notice the view he never knew existed “with joy I looked beyond the stones and saw the view”. Without the wall blocking his vision the father is able to see a much greater view. The conflict the man faced essentially lead him to view his life in a different light, realizing he had gained more than lost what he once had. When conflict arises in our life, it is how we respond to events that can shape the course of our life. For Deborah Kreiman, a woman living in Los Angeles, when faced with the inconceivable loss of her five children, it was essentially the way she dealt with the tragedy that prevented the conflict in her life from reaching to a point that she could not deal with. Kreiman strengthed her religious beliefs and focused on other aspects of her life that would bring her happiness. She did not allow her life to be dictated by the course events that she endured and the restrictions on her happiness. Kreiman understood that by using her pain as a mechanism for self growth and refinement, it would lead her to gaining fulfilment and avoid the prolonged suffering. We can allow restrictions in our life to determine the road ahead of us, many turn to conflict believing it is thebest way to deal with hardships. Ronald Reagan, a former president of the United States, once said;
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