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The Life of Garibaldi Giuseppe Garibaldi was born in Nice, France in 1807. He spent most of his youth as a sailor on Mediterranean merchant ships. In 1883 he joined Young Italy, the movement organised by the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini. He believed that all Italian people should be free and that Italyshould not only be independent, but also an integrated republic. Italyhad been left completely fragmented by the settlements reached at Congress of Vienna in 1815. The congress had divided territory among the victors of the Napoleonic Wars. Italy was divided up, but most people wanted to see it re-united as one country, including Garibaldi. In 1815, Italyfaced three obstacles to…show more content…
He later returned to Italy in 1848, when the revolution that swept across Europe arrived in Italy. Garibaldi took part in the movement for Italian Unification. He organised an army of about 3000 volunteers, most of whom were in the service of the Piedmontese ruler Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, who had unsuccessfully fought the Austrians in Lombardy. In 1849 he led his Volunteers to support the Roman Republic established by Mazzini and others. Garibaldi successfully defended the city against attack by superior French forces for thirty days. But was finally compelled to make terms with the French. He was allowed to depart from Rome with about 5000 of his followers, but as the larger part of his force were killed or captured. Garibaldi had to flee Italy to save his life. Garibaldi went to the United States in 1848, and worked as a candle maker. He later returned to Italyin 1854 and bought a house on the Island of Sardinia. At that time Garibaldi had separated from Mazzini's Political views. Garibaldi believed that the road to freedom and unity for Italy lay in alliance with the King of Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel. Garibaldi was deeply involved in the complicated military and political struggles that took place in the following years. Garibaldi's goal was to create a united Italy. In
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