The Life of Jean Donovan in Relation to Christ

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Jean Donovan
On April 10, 1953, Patricia and Raymond Donovan bore a daughter, Jean, who would grow up to serve as one of the most famous female American Missionaries to grace the modern world. Jean was second in birth order to her brother, Michael, who would later inspire her in her divine missionary work. The Donovan family resided in upper middle-class Westport, Connecticut where her father provided a comfortable life as an engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft Division for United Technologies (IRTF).
Jean pursued a career in Business Administration and secured employment as a management consultant for an accounting firm in Cleveland after receiving a degree in business administration from Case West Reserve University. With these merits, Jean
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It is also recorded that, in gratitude of his support, Jean would bake Romero a batch of chocolate chip cookies every Sunday afternoon after his weekly Mass. (Dear) Romero was assassinated on March 24, 1980 while leading an evening Mass. Soon after, an all night wake was held in memory of his blessed life. During the wake, the El Salvadorian Government launched bombs into the mourning crowd, killing 30. In conquering the trauma, Jean was greatly moved by this event and her desire to walk in the path of God further strengthened. Jean was also motivated by St. Francis of Assisi. Out of exhaustion, Jean took a six week vacation to reunite with her family in September of that year. During this time, she confessed her fear of being killed on her mission and confided in God for strength. Jean was clearly fearful of the violence in El Salvador, but through God, she regained confidence and returned to El Salvador. Jean returned refreshed with the Holy Spirit. She began to sweep the streets, feeding the hungry, consoling the worried, and strengthened the weak through prayer and worship. Jean was filled with the Lord’s Word and worked to share it with the needy. Despite her positive spirit, the lurking danger and increasing violence slowly proved to be an inevitable barrier against Jean in her remarkable mission.
Soon after her return, her feelings quickly changed from excitement and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to fear

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