The Life of John F. Kennedy

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It all started May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, the day John F. Kennedy was born. Jack as the Kennedy’s called him was born to the parents Joseph P. and Rose Kennedy. Jack may not have been the first born in the family, but he certainly wasn’t the last. He was born as the second child out of nine children in the family, and they all were successful. All eleven of the Kennedy’s lived in a clapboard house in Brookline, a town just outside of Boston. Jack had a lot to live up to though, being the second born and also being named after Rose’s father John F. Fitzgerald, or Honey Fitz as some referred to him as. Honey Fitz was a popular politician and a former mayor of Boston. Jack wasn’t exactly the healthiest of children as…show more content…
After his time in the navy, Jack was sent home to his family, but this time with a worse back injury, and Malaria- a serious disease that causes fever, chills, sweating, and vomiting. Jack was receiving US navy medals for his bravery. Later, a high school student asked him how he had become a hero, and he replied, "It was absolutely involuntary. They sank my boat." August 1944- Not long after Jack had returned home safely- was Joe Jr. (Jack’s older brother) killed in a plane crash while on a wartime mission. It was the first of many tragedies’ to come to the Kennedy family. Jack knew that his father wanted him to run for office, but Jack wasn't sure he wanted a life in politics. After all he would be the first Catholic President ever. Throughout college, Jack had imagined become a professor or a writer, but Joe’s death, and his wartime experience changed him. Just one year after Joe’s death, in 1946, Jack ran for congress from Boston on the democratic ticket. Jack later stated “It was like being drafted. My father wanted his eldest son in politics. Wanted isn’t even the right word. He demanded it. You know my father.” Jack wanted to be a congressman for Boston’s 11th district, after all it was the seat in congress his grandfather, Honey Fitz once held. At first no one thought Jack could win because he wasn’t a natural politician. When giving speeches, he stuttered and paused, but eventually he found the words to reach the voters. Jack spent a
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