The Life of John Wesley Essay

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THE LIFE OF JOHN WESLEY John Benjamin Wesley was born June 17, 1703 to the small town of Epworth, in Lincolnshire. The son of Minister Rev. Samuel Wesley, who was the son of Minister Rev. John Wesley, John Benjamin was the third generation of powerful influential preachers. His mother Susanna Wesley was also a powerful woman of faith and was said to be ten times more caring towards people than her own husband.[1]Who could have known that out of this small town and lineage would come one of the most anointed, powerful, well-known preachers in all of Christendom? Even starting the Methodist movement, which has strayed from his doctrine but still remains today? Wesley was rarely referred to as John by his family; rather it was “Jack,”…show more content…
Little did they know they had risked their lives saving one who, himself, would pull many from the fire. EDUCATION TO TRAVEL Though is childhood shaped much of his ethical standard and moral judgment, his fifteen years of study at Oxford would develop much of the ethics which he preached and wrote. Oxford did not have the greatest reputation at the time John Wesley was an attendee, but it would become the place of his self examination. For the fifteen years of his attendance Welsey would devote himself in the study of Sally Kirkman, Thomas a Kempis, and Jeremy Taylor, and write vigorously in his journals.[3] It was at Oxford that Welsey met Charles and William Morgan, the founders of the Holy Club. Though self-explanatory through the title, the Holy Club consisted of pious individuals who devoted themselves to a life social service and strict religious morality. The idea of the Methodist was birthed from this group and it’s ethics along with it. It was the attempt to convert Native Americans to these ethics that brought John and his brother Charles to the mentorship of the Moravians. It was during this time with the Moravians that John’s personal life with the Lord was strengthened, deepened, and grown. During this part of his life Wesley started a evangelical-preaching vocation, founded many societies, and even published a hymnody. Though they had a great influence on him, Wesley began to separate himself from the Moravian society

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