The Life of Mulan Essay

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She was a young Chinese girl - disinterested in women's chores and not ready to be married. She was more worried about the draft, which called for each family to send a son or brother to serve in the army in a war against the Huns. Since her father was disabled, she quickly purchased the required equipment: a horse, saddle, bridle, and a long whip. Disguised as a man, she joined the evening camps and left for the long journey. Ten years she was gone on a journey of ten thousand miles. As reward for her years of service, she was allowed to go home and was welcomed by all her family. It did not take her long to get back to her true identity - a woman; she resumed her feminine appearance by fixing her hair, resuming her old clothes and…show more content…
In "Courage and Participation," Tillich suggests that participation requires not only "self-affirmation" but also the "courage" to participate. Although the term warrior elicits one to believe that courage is an essential part of "war and fighting," one must also have the courage to participate. "The courage to be is essentially always the courage to be as a part and the courage to be as oneself, in interdependence," (Tillich, 142). For women, the courage to participate allows them to partake in many different tasks - for Tillich the courage to participate is really the courage to exist in our world and the power of being fuels the necessary trends involved for women to transcend their "housewife" images into the 21st century. Women are taking part of not only their own lives, but also the lives of those surrounding them. They work not only to earn money for their own benefits but also for their husbands and children. They not only cook and clean (as do most women) but also are the emotional and mental beams of support for their families. They participate not only within the household but within the working world, business world, and global world as well. "Man

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