The Life of Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela is a man who is widely known throughout the world. This man is considered a hero of South Africa and is a man who is also considered to be a man who helped change the world for the better. Life was difficult in the city of Mvezo, Transkei and on July 18, 1918 a hero was born. Nelson Mandela’s original name was Rolihlahla Mandela and he was born into the Madiba clan. All of Mandela’s family before him had never gone to school or received a proper education. At a young age his mother sent him to a Methodist school due to his family being of the Christian denomination. He was baptized as a Methodist and his teacher did the ritualistic custom, in most African churches, of being given an English name, which happened to be…show more content…
This showed how early in life Mandela began to fight for people’s rights and it was incredible to learn that this little incident would not let him receive his degree which he worked so diligently for. Mandela returned home to his surrogate family in 1940 and found out that his guardian had arranged a marriage for him. This greatly upset Mandela because he wanted to live a free life on his own terms, so he left his family and headed for Johannesburg and arrived in the beginning of 1941. He received his first job as watchman for a mine but was fired soon after because someone had found out he was a runaway, and that was considered unforgivable at the time. He stayed with a family member for the time being and was introduced to an activist who gave him a job at a law firm. The man who ran the law firm was actually a Jewish Communist and the first white person Mandela had ever befriended. Mandela soon began to attend different seminars and talks from communists. The reason he enjoyed attending these talks was because people of all races, colors, and nationalities were treating each other as equals and viewed one another as friends. Luckily Mandela did not join the Communist Party due to the fact that it was an atheist political group and that conflicted with Mandela’s heavy beliefs in Christianity. One other reason he did not join the group is because it focused on fixing the different class systems instead of fixing the racism that was so rampant in South

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