The Life of Nicholas Tesla

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Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Tesla) was not only an inventor; he was an engineer, physicist, visionary, and most known for, brilliant. Tesla was born July 10th 1856, in Smilijan, Austrian Empire, which is now modern day Croatia and moved to the United States in 1884 to continue his career in engineering. Tesla’s parents were both Serbian, his father was an Orthodox priest, writer and poet, while his mother was a creative and had the talent to construct things, especially her electronic every day household items. His father wanted him to become a priest but Tesla followed the mind set and footsteps of his mother and went above and beyond with his skills and knowledge. Like normal high school students, Tesla studied mathematics and physics at the University of Prague. What made Tesla stand out from other students was his incredible mind and memory. He supposedly had an eidetic memory (photographic memory), where he would have the ability to recall problems and text with ease, like reading a book and replaying a scene through the mind. Not only was his memory extraordinary, he contained the ability to perform calculus integration in his head, as well as learning eight different languages. Tesla’s brain contained abilities out of this world that modern day technology cannot replicate. The ideas and creations visualized in his head, stayed in his head; he formed its mechanics and mathematical specifications without the use of a pencil and paper. One of the creations pulled off by
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