The Life of Paul Mccartney

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Sir Paul McCartney 1. The individual I have chosen to do my biography assignment on is Paul McCartney. 2. Paul was born June 18, 1982 in the Anfield section of Liverpool, England; where his family has been for generations. 3. Paul McCartney is a world famous singer-songwriter and musician, most famous as a member of the iconic pop-rock band The Beatles along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. After The Beatles, he formed, and was the frontman for, the band Wings. 4. Paul McCartney was always regarded as the “the cute Beatle”. He had a baby face and was always very young looking. Paul has always been known for his big, brown eyes and he had, just like the rest of The Beatles, a mop top hairstyle. After The…show more content…
He hadn’t even tried to cover up the drug; it was right on top for everyone to see. This resulted in Paul going to jail for ten day’s in Japan and The Beatles tour of Japan being cancelled. There was also a time when police found “strange plants” growing at Paul’s farm in Scotland – the Mull of Kintyre. Paul was also a frequent user of LSD and although not as much as his counterpart, John Lennon, Paul also experimented with cocaine and heroin. If I were in Paul’s shoes it would’ve been very hard to stay away from the drugs because they were all around him and being a rock star gave him easy access to all of the drugs he wanted. I would have tried my best to stay away from all of the drugs, and even if I did happen to use a bit now or then, I would use much less than Paul did. Also, Paul made his affection for drugs, especially marijuana and LSD, very public. I would’ve kept that more to myself to keep a better public image. 11. Paul’s life has had an impact on millions of people around the world for many, many years. From the thousands of girls screaming his name and passing out at the sight of him, to the countless people he continues to inspire with his great musical abilities and success. Through Paul’s success he has become a very influential person and he can easily impact people. The impact Paul has had on people is a very positive one. He, along with the three other Beatles revolutionized music and helped inspire a sense of

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