The Life of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Essay examples

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Post-traumatic Stress disorder is exactly what it sounds like. After a stressful event in your life including but not limited to: car accidents, deaths in the family, assaults, and also combat; it is possible to develop this disorder. Symptoms of PTSD have been appearing for more than 1000 years. In 1666 London experienced a great fire in which many people, homes and other precious belongings perished. A man named Samuel Pepys kept a diary of the events and of what happened in the following months. He was unable to sleep following the fire and in the diary he noted that hearing about a fire far away “put me into much fear and trouble” . PTSD has gone from being called nostalgia, to shell shock and now finally Post-traumatic Stress …show more content…
There are people who believe that Post-traumatic Stress disorder is not a real disease, and the victims are feigning their symptoms. These ignorant people have never talked to someone plagued by the disorder. Jonathan Norrell was a medic who was sent to Iraq. Throughout his tour there he witnessed many people die. In an interview with PBS new affiliate Maria Hinojosa, Norrell was asked if “[He] could still do a good job, if [he] could still be a good solider?”(Pertaining to his first brush with death) Norrell’s immediate response was “Yes.” Although he had witnessed a lot of suffering as a medic, the trauma had yet to affect him. However it did. In that same interview Norrell said “It wasn’t till later on that it really started to get to me.” The trauma had taken a life of its own. On the way back to his grandmother’s house in Texas, he had a breakdown where he was crying, couldn’t see, and had no idea where he was . In one conversation with Norrell it would be easy to see how real PTSD really is. Norrell has experience great traumas, and had an intense reaction to them; the recipe for Post-traumatic Stress disorder. PTSD can present itself in more than one way. One of the many symptoms is to re-experience the event. Typically there are triggers that will force you to relive the event, like sights or sounds . Experiencing a flashback can be very scary for someone. In the flashback they will have the same emotions that they had when the actual trauma

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