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ROBERT FROST “Two roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the road less traveled” How did Robert Frost take the road less traveled in his life? Frost was a poet who lived a hard life. With 6 kids and a wife, he had a lot of people to provide for. He was a man who wore many hats, being a dad, husband, poet, and farmer. Robert was an incredibly gifted man who wrote many famous poems. Robert Frost, a great American poet lived a humble life and changed the world with his profound writing ability. LIFE OF ROBERT FROST Frost was born in 1874 in San Francisco to William Prescott Frost Jr. and Isabella Moodie. After the death of his father he moved with his mother and sister to eastern Massachusetts to be closer to his…show more content…
Frost then became a farmer and a poet to support his growing family and the needs and demands of everyday life. ROBERT FROST’S WRITTEN WORKS Frost is most famous for his poems. “The clarity of Frost’s diction, the colloquial rhythms, the simplicity of his images, and above all the folksy speaker” that’s what drew in his readers (The Norton Anthology). Some of his more famous poems include “The Wood-Pile”, “After Apple-Picking”, and more recognizably is “The Road Not Taken”. All of the poems are simple, and can pertain to his work on the farm. The outdoors inspired to him to write, many of his poems like “The Pasture” or “Mowing” came to him while outside. He enjoyed the outdoors because it soothed him, as did writing. The two went together for him like apples and bananas. Frost achieved an internal dynamic in his poems by combining everyday speech and line and verse (The Norton Anthology). His poems were well taken and the meaning was deep and meaningful, which is what makes a good poem. While writing Frost faced many struggles. He farmed because he needed a way of life to provide for his family. It wasn’t the ideal job, but it paid the bills. He eventually published the book of poems Into my Own, sold all of the poultry, and moved to New England with the money the poem brought in. Then he moved him and his family to England where he published “A Boy’s Will” in 1913. While in England he

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