The Life of Shirley Chisholm

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Introduction to Shirley Chisholm 3 Shirley’s rearing In Barbados 4 Retuning to Brooklyn 5 Shirley gets an Intro to Politics in College 6 Time for Shirley to Stop watching and get in the Mix 7 Shirley the Assemblywoman 8 Shirley the Congresswoman 10 Shirley fights for our basic Civil Rights 11 Shirley’s work in Congress reflected the Civil Rights Movement 12 Shirley’s Bid for the President 13 Conclusion 13 Listed Work Cited 15 Introduction to Shirley Chisholm

Shirley Chisholm was a “Rough Rider” straight out of the gate. Her mother said at 3 years old, she was bossing kids 3 and 4 years older than her. To
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Her father was having trouble making end meet. His new job would only give him part-time hours. Their family could not exist off of his salary along, so Shirley’s mother went to work a domestic worker. Shirley was the oldest, so she got the latch key. They were told to stay in the house and not to open the door for no one until their mother got home. Finally her father began to work full-time and he was promoted to supervisor at his job. Shirley’s mom quit working her domestic job; but she would always be a seamstress. While leaving in Brooklyn Shirley and her family lived in the worst tenement apartments and what we now call ghettos. One apartment they lived in was so cold, that during the winter, they just closed off one room and all the sisters slept in one bedroom. Shirley was affected by the cold for the rest of her life after that experience. They did move to another apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant. He father became a janitor and the apartment was free. The High School she attended was all women mostly white, but the neighborhood was predominately black. Shirley parent keep a tight rein on their girls. In fact she never had a regular date in high school or college. She had good study habits and a high IQ, which garnered a few scholarships in schools out of town, but her parents could not afford the room and board. Shirley would attend Brooklyn City College. At this point Shirley knew very

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