The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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“His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge” (British…). When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said this, he was not talking about himself, but the statement applied to him. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859, and even though it was not known to his parents, on that day one of the greatest writers of his time was born. Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Mary and Charles Doyle. Arthur Conan Doyle had an interesting and eventful life, though he was born into a financially unstable family. The harsh conditions made him a stronger person as a result. His life had its ups and downs, but his experiences during his childhood and his adult life, as well as, the inspirational people he met would ultimately influence his future…show more content…
In addition to his experiences during both his childhood and adult life, there were both individuals and events that also influenced his writings. His professor at medical school had a huge impact on his life. Dr. Joseph Bell was a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, where Doyle attended medical school. He was a harsh teacher because he demanded strict and disciplined work out of his students. As James P. Draper confirmed, Doyle worked best under these conditions. James P. Draper explained, "He thrived on the harsh regiment at these institutions"(1004). He built his primary character, Sherlock Holmes, based on the philosophy and personality of Dr. Bell. Holmes used unique characteristics of a person’s behavior and mannerisms to solve crimes. Dr. Bell used similar methods to analyze his students. This character became known around the world, as a great detective and the marque character in Doyle’s writings. Doyle also used his own experiences in his stories. Doyle made the life of Holmes like his personal bachelor life. As the Dictionary of Literary Biographers writes, “Doyle's marriage marked a turning point in all areas of his life. In his bachelor days he lived, like Holmes, a bohemian existence and mainly attended to his medical work; after his marriage he enjoyed a more comfortable and stable home life"(British short...). As the Dictionary of Literary Biographers confirmed,

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