The Life of Univeristy Students

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It is the time now that the students begin to face new responsibilities and challenges and learn to conquer them but unfortunately it hasn`t been going the way that it’s been expected to. The rising issue of mental health problems is climbing the ladder as more and more students are being accustomed to it. This is no longer seen as a simple issue; it’s becoming more complex as majority of the students are showing vital signs of helplessness. Obiviously the pathway from high school to a university may be a bit shaky that contains a fair amount of stress and demands but recently the level of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems are exceeding and it’s becoming a crucial concern.

Many factors have been demonstrated and established as to why mental health problems are on a rise and those include such as being isolated in a new environment, distanced away from family and friends, having financial pressures, and the academic requirement from universities; these tend to create a significant pressure or impact on a student’s emotional well-being. Recent study has been conducted and states that Canadian students leaving from high school education into their first year of university have an increasing issue with their mental health but also…
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