The Life of William

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Even though he doesn't know it yet, on February 18th, at 79 years of age, William will rest eternally at his late wife's side. On October 18th, when he is 26, they will be married in a small, peculiar ceremony among family, On June 8th, at 32 years, he and his wife will have their second child, and in just a few minutes, at the age of 23, he will meet his wife, to-be, at this coffee shop after accidentally spilling coffee on her. How do I know these things? Because I’m here to make sure he trips.

I’m a Time Lord, one unassociated with time and space ultimately to ensure others' lives happen as their schedule dictates. Normally my duties aren't so direct, and usually I would welcome a chance to be more involved, but honestly, this time I'm a little jealous. I'm here to join two lives, while I'm bound to alienation from connection. I'll be here for the next few minutes, enjoying a cup of coffee, ensuring William ‘accidentally’ spills his coffee before jumping off to another time, person and situation.

For now, I try to find half a moment of peace in this crowded coffee shop, wrapping a hand-hug around my warm mug. Although the stuffiness and smell of coffee hang a little too thick in the air, I prefer that to the bite offered by the chill. I’m resentful of the occasional obnoxious scream of the milk steamer which interrupts the otherwise relaxed atmosphere. Nobody else around me really seems to notice - their phones or laptops absorb every ounce of their attention. Even
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