The Life of William Shakespeare Essay

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“Sweet the use of adversity which is like a toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head.” (William Shakespeare: As You like It, Act ll scene l.)
William Shakespeare, the name of a much appreciated and famous playwright/writer, who is this man? Who is the man many English experts from around the world regard as the “most read and performed playwright in the world”? (Shakespeare’s life: April 23, 2014). Where was he born? Who was his family? Where did he live? Who exactly was William Shakespeare?

John and Mary Shakespeare were simple people dealing in farm equipment and wool, when they brought William, the third out of eight children, into the world on April 23, 1564, in the quiet town of Stratford. Joan the first child was born in 1558, but died shortly after. Margaret the second was born in 1562, but died a year later due to the plague epidemic at the time. Then William came along in 1564, followed by gilbert in 1566. In 1569 another daughter was born and named after he late sister Joan, and in 1571 came Anne, who died at age eight in unexplained causes. After Anne, Richard was born in 1574, and Edmund came in 1580 (Shakespeare’s life: April 23, 2014). His childhood consisted of playing games and helping his father at work, much like any other child at the time. At this time William and his siblings, in their childhood, would have attended the local grammar school, “King’s Grammar School”, while William was around age six. The curriculum was mainly…