The Life of a Guard in the Book, NewJack: Guarding Sing Sing, by Ted Conover

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In the book NewJack: Guarding Sing Sing, the book discussed the life of a guard. Most people feel that the guards are bad guys in the criminal justice system and with the politics of the criminal justice systems there are many assumptions of the way in which the stereotype of prison guard’s life should be. The author Ted Conover explains first hand on the experiences behind the scenes that many guards experiences throughout their careers that is an untold story of the truth in the prison system. Conover was curious about the subculture of the prison guards’ duties and wanted to know the truth about if the assumptions that most have about the prison guards is truthful. Conover entered the Academy with many other young men and a few women who wanted good jobs with security. The training was modeled after boot camp for the military. Those who had been in the military fared better than those who had not been so initiated. Once Conover crossed the training hurdle, he was tossed over to Sing Sing for his first assignment. Correctional officers are given no information about prisoners. The thought is that knowing certain things would bias the keeper. Officers are also encouraged not to get to know or to interact with prisoners. Though correctional officers do carry the keys, they don’t always have the upper hand. Inmates have all kinds of tricks for making life miserable for those who are charged with making sure that the convicted pay for crimes committed. One guy in prison even

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