Essay about The Life of a Slave during American History

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The cause of slavery is very important to the history of America for some. Many think that capitalism started slavery. With this form of civilization, religion and economy were involved, making church and state ruled together when they should be ruled separately. Most slavery was based on the racial differences, another part of capitalism, but it also said that blacks, or otherwise known as “Negroes,” were impersonal. Capitalism started as evil was spreading in the South and soon made its way to the New England and Middle colonies. This lifestyle didn’t work as most of the people were of the gentry class, and were sybarites, wanting people to do the work for them. There were first indentured servants to do the jobs, but they wouldn’t …show more content…
Most of these slaves worked at tobacco plantations, which was very labor-intensive. Tobacco plantations were very hard because they were eleven month crops, and tobacco required constant care. Tobacco season began in January with the preparation of the fields, mending the tools, and laying seed beds. Once the soil was ready (usually in March), seeds were transplanted to fields. By mid-summer, the tobacco was growing, but the slaves worked their hardest trying to keep the crops alive and looking nice. As soon as it was harvest time, the slaves worked gathering and preparing the harvest for shipment to England. Soon, the whole routine would start back over the next year. The next most used job for slaves was working at farms. Farm slaves weren’t quite as much used as plantation slaves because of the amount of work. Farm slaves’ work was less tedious but no less demanding. These slaves worked on farms, where food crops and livestock kept them occupied constantly. Although farms required a lot of work, they did not require the slaves to work as long. Slaves on farms worked according to the rising and setting of the sun but had Sunday’s off. Lastly, the least used job for slaves was working in the city as an urban or household slave. Domestic and household slaves used the least amount of labor. Most of the people in towns or cities needed only female labor, so there were very few male slaves. Female labor was used as mostly cooks and
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